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Owner of the First Pilates Studios
Director of Education System "THE PILATES STANDARD" for Austria,

After an 8-year ballet education at the Palucca School in Dresdren and at the “Konservatorium” in Vienna, I started to work in a gym. I successfully completed the educational training as “Lehrwart” and fitness coach BafL (Bundesanstalt für Leibeserziehung - Federal Institute of Physical Education).

In 2000 I heard about Pilates through Juliana Afram and began to study because I wanted to become a Pilates Trainer for Mat and Apparatus. The Classical Pilates, as we teach it, I was taught by Power Pilates New York. My instructors were Dana Eisenstein (USA), Davidson Ried (USA), Juliana Afram (D), Bob Liekens (USA) and Susan Moran Perich (USA).

In 2005 I opened my studio in Baden near Vienna. For several years, I am Teacher Trainer and Pilates Trainer in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. In addition, I am co-founder of the Pilates Association Austria and licensed Pilates trainer PMA (Pilates Method Alliance). Since March 2013 I run the Classical Training School called "THE PILATES STANDARD" for Austria.

Over the years I enjoyed attending Continuing Education Events with

All these Workshops made me think about organizing my own Pilates Events with international Pilates instructors and setting up a Website called “Pilates Events Austria”.

See the Website of Pilates Event Austria

Susanna Frühwirth

Classical Pilates Matwork- and Studioteacher

Nora Füzi

Classical Pilates Matwork- and Studioteacher

Backup Trainer

Tina Kopecky


Through my job in the Pilates Studio Office of Sandra Käfer (Genzel) came in contact with Pilates. The joy and pleasure of the clients while practicing Pilates, aroused my interest. 
I started to exercise Pilates on the mat and on the machines regularly and enthusiastically. Meanwhile, I mainly work for the Pilates Association Austria, now and then, I support Sandra Käfer (Genzel) in organizing events or doing paper work.

Victoria Sommer

I am married and have 3 children. The past years I was working as a ESL (english as second language) teacher with preschool and kindergarten kids and through this work have found my love for teaching. 

Born and raised in Kärnten, one of my passions has always been sports. Even to this day I greatly enjoy mountain biking, hiking, rock climbing, dancing and skiing.

Several years ago I tried pilates, did not like at first and stopped again. Only after the birth of my 3rd child, 2008, I gave it another try, found a wonderful teacher and started loving it.

 2014 I decided to turn my passion  into my profession and started the training  to become a Mat teacher under the careful eye of Sandra Käfer (Genzel), from First Pilates.

Currently I am completing my comprehensive training with school THE PILATES STANDARD, which involves all Pilates apparatus.


Classical Pilates Matwork Instructor, Classical Pilates Coach for Apparatus

Gabi was born in Mödling. She gratuated at Vienna Business School Mödling. Since she was a child, she liked to do sports and prefered to go swimming. After the birth of her children she started to work out again and turned her hobby into a career. In 2007, she completed her training as a fitness trainer. This is how she got in touch with Pilates. After a weekend with Juliana Afram it was clear to her that she wants to become a Pilates Trainer. She got educated by Sandra Käfer (Genzel) and now she is a licensed Pilates Teacher by THE PILATES STANDARD.


Classical Pilates Matwork Instructor, Classical Pilates Coach for Apparatus

Regina is a mother of 6 children and even multiple grandmother, although she does not look like that. She completed her first Pilates Educational Training on the Mat and then she continued her Pilates Ecuation in Hamburg with Juliana Afram. She completed her Education in Baden. Now she is a licensed Pilates Teacher by THE PILATES STANDARD.


Classical Pilates Matwork Instructor, Classical Pilates Coach for Apparatus

Kenya was born in Cuba and has already started dancing when she was 4 years old (Sports Academy Escuela Nacional de high school Ritmica y Deportier and then as a dancer at the Escuela Nacional de Arte). Then she went to a Cuban dance theatre on a world tour and settled down in Austria. Since then she worked for different theatres (Odeon, popular theater, Raimund Theater, Stadttheater Klagenfurt, Vienna State Opera) in musicals and also in modern dance groups as a choreographer, dancer and singer. She got educated by Sandra Käfer (Genzel) and now she is a licensed Pilates Teacher by THE PILATES STANDARD.

Desiree Duchek

Karin Howanietz

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